I started out primarily as a nature photographer. Photography taught me to really see… and appreciate the bounty around me.  I also enjoyed taking candid shots of children because they are magnificent in their innocence and as uncontrived as the forests, the skies, the sea...

Then ---I realized as I traveled--- that people working and reacting and living in a different culture are fascinating. Their faces speak of their joys as well as their hardships.  As interesting as the people are, I am sometimes awestruck by architecture both ancient and modern in cities around the world---coming from the hearts and talents of the people of the time. How exciting to be able to capture and enjoy it over and over.

Even though I believe getting it right in the camera is critical, I must admit I love digital processing. Leaving my film and darkroom behind, it is very convenient and efficient to do all the same basic processing on the computer. In addition, it is amazing for photographers in the digital age to take reality and add their creativity and imagination to give a new spirit to their work. A painter friend of mine is now a photographer because the artistic tools on the computer have given him expression and freedom he didn’t have years ago. I have now moved on in my recent work from photo-realism to impressionistic photo art to add to and create beyond the click of the shutter. As with a painting.. one can see not only the reality but the dream behind it.